Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock Market

Saturday October 12th - £24

Retro or vintage, goth or steampunk...Whatever your cup of tea is, you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy at the Camden markets.

The Camden markets consist of six distinct markets in and around Camden Town, which are located near Camden Lock. The Camden markets draw in 100,000 tourists every weekend (which makes it the fourth most popular visitor attraction in London), who venture to the area to find great deals on clothing, accessories and other handicraft items.

But believe it or not the Camden markets are a relatively new addition to London, as the area surrounding Camden Lock was used primarily for agricultural and industrial purposes since before the 1800s.

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CAMDEN LOCK, part of the historic Camden Market, is the creative and cultural heart of London. Featuring some of London's finest designers, artists and independent sellers, as well as a delicious selection of the best food venders in town, Camden Lock is a favourite spot for locals and tourists, and deservedly so.

Visit us and take a look around our one of a kind shops and stalls. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products and the great atmosphere. Visitors will enjoy excellent customer service and will have the chance to meet the artists, makers and creators behind the unique crafts on offer. Of course, a day in Camden Lock isn't complete without sampling the unrivalled street food from our Global Food Kitchen, finger-licking good cuisine from around the world.

Camden Town is a sea of entertainment. It overflows with a variety of colourful markets, shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas. The town attracts enormous crowds of Londoners and tourists alike.

Camden Lock Market, by the canal, was the original craft market, established in 1974, but now has a much wider spectrum of goods on sale. Both this and the ever popular Camden Stables Market - centre of the alternative fashion scene, Camden (Buck Street) Market, the recently improved Camden Lock Villageand Inverness Street Market - which thrived on local trade long before tourists discovered Camden, are all open every day, making the area well worth a mid-week visit.

There is always something happening in the centre of Camden Town. Multitudes of shops and restaurants spill out on to the busy Main Streets. Days in Camden start slow and easy - shops and stalls open around 10am usually until 6pm, although some traders do stay open later.

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Coaches for our Day Trips will be in either 'Motts' or 'Crusader' Livery.

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