Longleat Safari Park & House

Longleat Safari Park & House

Tuesday August 13th - £48

Longleat, nestled within 900 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped grounds, is home to the UK’s original Safari Park, one of the best examples of Elizabethan architecture, and an abundance of exciting attractions including Jungle Kingdom and Animal Adventure where you can get up-close and personal with truly amazing animals.

Immerse yourself amongst Longleat’s incredible animals on a visit to the UK’s original Safari Park. With six and a half miles of Drive-through experience, there’s plenty to look out for.

Price... £48


On arrival at Longleat the Coach will conduct a tour of the Safari Park.

Longleat is unveiling a host of all-new animal adventures for the 2019 season.

The major new attraction is Koala Creek, which  is home to a group of southern koalas. The iconic marsupials’ arrival is part of a ground-breaking initiative by the Government of South Australia to enhance the management and conservation of the koala.

Their spacious new enclosure includes a natural stream, eucalyptus trees, climbing poles, naturally-themed indoor and outdoor habitats, viewing areas, interpretation boards as well as a Koala Care unit.

Another brand new species going on display will be a pair of two-metre-long Critically Endangered Cuban Crocodiles.

As well as their colourful markings, the crocodiles are renowned for their athletic abilities; jumping high out of the water to catch birds and mammals from overhanging branches. The two females are part of an international conservation programme for the species.

The crocodiles are being joined by another amazing South American animal in the shape of a giant otter. Mostly found along the mighty Amazon, giant otters are the largest members of the mustelid family and can reach lengths in excess of 1.7 metres.

We're also welcoming in a new era for Wolf Wood. A brand new pack of eight wolves, identical to those which once roamed Britain, has moved into this enclosure.

Visitors can also view the new colony of Colobus monkeys living on Nico’s Island, meet hyenas and cheetahs, as well as the famous lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffe, camels and zebra in our famous drive through Safari Park.

Longleat offers a host of amazing attractions all rolled into one magical day out! Enjoy
close encounters with exotic animals- lions, tigers, giraffe, rhinos and much more - in Britain's original and best safari park.

Included in the price is a passport ticket , this allows you to enjoy all 12 attractions which are the Safari park, Longleat house, Adventure castle, Butterfly gardens, Mirror Maze, Longleat railway and the Hedge maze and many more.

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The above timings and information are subject to traffic conditions and we reserve the right to make any changes necessary without prior notification.
Coaches for our Day Trips will be in either 'Motts' or 'Crusader' Livery.

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